Embroidered Mini Skirt – Splurge VS. Steal

Goodnight Macaroon Embroidered Mini Skirt
Ladies it’s Tuesday ……..and I had a vacay day yesterday for my son’s birthday.  I’m so NOT ready to be back in the office and the fat that it’s 72 degrees outside in January is not helping at all.  Thank God I am out of work at 2:00 so I can enjoy some of this gorgeous weather.

Now that I have spring on the brain….Let me share with you one of my sick obsessions. EMBROIDERY! I know I’m not the only one either because it’s been all over the fashion world since last year and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Now on to the mini-skirt deets! I know this post was titled as a “Splurge Vs. Steal”……but it’s actually more of a post on where to get the EXACT skirt for less.  First let me just make a confession.  I own all 3 of these! I know …..I have a problem and I’m OK with that, but I want to share with you a little secret.  You can get all fird any one of these 3 skirts for an amazingly low price.  Remember a few months ago I told you about how many big box retailers just purchase the same items from wholesalers overseas and they really aren’t exclusive to their brand?  Well here’s a prime example.
1. Goodnight Macaroon – Zara carried this one last year but I originally purchased this from Goodnight Macaroon Here.  The original price was $65 but I got it during Black Friday I believe and I only paid $20.  Right now it’s still on sale for $49 but you can get this exact skirt for around $25.00 because several retailers sell the exact same one.  Not because it’s a “knock-off”, but because this skirt is available at a wholesale price and many big brands but from the same wholesalers.  Now I love love love Goodnight Macaroon and will still shop there but I’m also about bargain shopping so if you like this skirt ……you can also get it from SheIn HERE and Romwe HERE!

One thing is that you MUST size up if you order this.  It runs VERY small.  I am 5’1″ and 108 lbs and I usually wear an XS or S and size 24 in jeans but I took a Medium in this and it was extremely tight as there is no stretch whatsoever.  Although the quality and thickness is fantastic! So size up 1-2 sizes if you can.

2. Forever 21 – So far Forever 21 is the only store I have seen this one in.  It’s nearly identical to the one from Goodnight Macaroon and you can get it HERE.  I just ordered it so I can’t comment about the size accuracy or quality yet but I will let you know once I receive it.

3. Zara – I initially saw this last fall in Zara and I think it was listed around $50. It’s no longer in stock with Zara but you can still get it. Zara is a pretty big retailer when it comes to clothing but they also purchase from wholesalers so with that being said ….you know you can find this same exact store in other smaller stores as well.  You can even go right to the wholesaler online as some will let you purchase 1 piece alone.  I actually received this from SheIn as part of a sponsored post (coming soon) and you can get it directly HERE and from Romwe HERE.  FYI this one also runs super small so once again you need to size up 1-2 sizes as there is no stretch in this fabric.

I do have an outfit post coming up in the next week or so where I will show you how all of these 3 skirts look and how I style them in case you are interested but all in all I love all 3 so shop around or use one of the links I provided!

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So I never …EVER…..stick to resolutions, but I do try to set  goals for myself.  Usually I try to be realistic with them too.  For example.  I curse….Sometimes A LOT.  So last year I said I would curse less because let’s be realistic…If I said I would stop cursing altogether I’m setting myself up for complete failure in the first 5 minutes.  Well….I totally crushed that goal…IMO because I definitely don’t curse as much as I used too.  I think that’s also in part to being a mom and hearing my son use several choice words that convinced me to try to tame my own potty mouth 🙂 Hopefully I will continue to improve in that area in 2017!
2016 was also all over the place with ups and downs but it was the year that I will always remember when I decided to dive head first back into blogging but not as a mom blogger as I used to be………but as a fashion/style blogger which has always been a passion of mine.  I really decided to go for it and also decided to start our YouTube and growing my social media…..and I haven’t looked back. I actually decided in November 2015 to start YouTube but didnt purchase vlog cameras until March of 2016 then started the channel the following month.  So far it’s grown little by little but most because of my schedule and not being very consistent with it.  For 2017, I really hope to push myself even further so that so that I can post consistently on both channels we have as well as growing my other social media platforms.  So much so that I may just be able to get myself into a position to leave my current full time job by 2018.  So here are a few of my 2017 goals…..

  • BUY OUR FIRST HOME…..self-explanatory but we’ve worked super hard to get both our credits in the right position to be able to buy a home and now that my husband has consistent work I hop 2017 will be the year we stop renting!
  • HAVE ANOTHER BABY…..this is technically self-explanatory ya’ll and no I’m not crazy but I’m hoping we eventually add to our family. We have two amazing kids already plus I have wonderful step children but I would definitely like to have one more of my own.  Due to some health issues i wont get into here I haven’t gotten pregnant again but now that I know the issue I’m hoping to overcome it in 2017 🙂
  • TAKE 2 FAMILY TRIPS…..and this could even be a staycation. Last year we went to Puerto Rico which was an awesome vacation but expensive.  We want to take the kids there every summer to viist family but because we are going to try buying our home I don’t think PR will be in the budget ….but staycations are always an option.  We are 3 hours from coastal GA and 5 hours from Florida so the beach will definitely be part of our 2017!
  • GET ORGANIZED….as far as getting my house decluttered and actually using my planner HA!
  • EAT HEALTHIER….also self explanatory.  I generally eat pretty healthy and love salads and healthy fruits and veggies so I really just need to cut back carbs a bit.  But Dang I love rice and bread.
  • INCREASE MY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY….Last year I killed myself in the gym before vacay but totally stopped going after.  In all honesty going to the gym every day really burned me out mostly because of my full time schedule at work then the kids school schedule.  So this year I’m going to try at least running or doing a routine at home and maybe hitting a cycle class or two every week because I loved my spin class but going to the gym daily with kids is very difficult.
  • WEEKLY DATE NIGHTS…..definitely need more one on one time with my hubby kid free.  I love our munchkins but we need that husband/wife time
  • TREAT MYSELF…..I started doing this a bit in 2016 and plan on continuing in 2017 ….because every woman needs to treat herself.  We work hard and deserve it.
  • BE A BETTER MOM…..I know I’m a great mom and like most moms I sometimes beat myself up over what I could do better but my oldest daughter is 9……and in 9 more years she will be 18.  I need to make those years count and be more present because I don’t want her going off to college and I’m left with regrets.  I need to make weekly dates with my kids…without phones or social media….just me and them because I won’t get these precious years back.

  • TAKE OUTFIT PHOTOS TWICE PER WEEK…..Right now I when I go to photo shoots I shoot about 3-4 outfits at a time but in all honesty that doesn’t last me that long.  I need to shoot 5-6 outfits at a time so that I can post at least twice a week.
  • TEACH HUBBY TO USE MY DSLR…..This kind of goes with the previous goal.  Obviously I may not be able to shoot with my photographer as much or as often as I would like to so in between shoots I need to show my hubby how to use my Nikon so he can take my photos in between.
  • GROW MY INSTAGRAM TO 50K…..This year I hit over 13k and that was huge for me so I’m hoping to get to at least 50k by the end of 2017
  • GROW OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS TO 10K EACH…..Obviously we all want to grow our social media platforms and youtube can be difficult but both of our channels are starting to grow slowly but surely and I have a feeling 2017 will be big for us in that area 🙂
  • LAND A SPONSORED TRAVEL POST.….I have done a fair share of sponsored fashion posts but yet to do any sponsored travel so I’m hoping to nail this goal in 2017.
  • BLOG/VLOG MORE CONSISTENTLY…..One of the biggest things I fail at is being consistent so for 2017 I’m going to try to post a blog/vlog 2-3x a week because one of the main way to grow your social media is by being consistent.
  • MEET NEW BLOG/VLOG FRIENDS…..Let’s face it.  It’s hard to make friends as an adult but lucky for our generation we now have social media and it’s a great way to meet new friends that are interested in the same things you are so hopefully I will meet up with a few other fashion-obsessed ladies in our area this year.  We recently made friends with a vlogging family from our area and it was super fun so hopefully we will do a lot more of that this year too!
What are your goals for 2017?

Winter to Spring Transition with SheIn

Shein Clothing 0
Floral Maxi Dress Romper (SIMILAR) // Faux Leather Jacket // Black Tie Choker // Tie-Up Sandals // Denim Jacket // Gold Collar // Over the Knee Boots

Don’t worry…I’m very well aware we a thick of winter but once the holidays are over….I start planning my spring summer wardrobe & Shein is a great site where you can find great pieces for a great price.

One of my favorite pieces you can transition from winter into spring and even summer is the Maxi Romper. You have the length of a Maxi Dress but it’s open in the front with shorts underneath for a little added sexiness.  What I love about this is that the length paired with a a cute leather jacket will keep you warm in winter and then  it’s warm enough where you live you can throw on some cute lace up sandals and a night light denim jacket for an adorable spring look!
Also if you shop now you can get this amazing deals
40% OFF $55 or 40

<div center="" style="text-align: cente05 or more –

50% OFF $195 or more – START50

Happy Shopping Ladies

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Winter Whites …..

Fashion Blogger Erica Valentin

Atlanta Blogger Erica Valentin

destroyed jeans

Styled ripped jeans
Blush Cable Knit Sweater / White Ripped Jeans /  Statement Necklace (OLD) – Similar (HERE) / Blush Patent Pumps (OLD) – Similar (HERE) / Micheal Kors Bag / Versace Sunglasses
Hope you all had an amazing New Year! Early in the day we met up with some other YouTubers/Vloggers that live in our area which was super fun because our kids are the same age…..video coming soon!  Then that evening my hubby and I took the kids out to eat at Cheesecake Factory but unfortunately the food was awful and cold.  That was the first time we ever had a bad experience there but we will definitely still go back because we love it so much and I think they were just terribly busy,  Afterwards we had a chill evening at home.  My little guy crashed as soon as we walked in the door and my daughter stayed up to watch the ball drop and she also annihilated me in Pie Face showdown…HA!  All in all is was a great NewYear’s spent with the peeps I love!
Now on to my outfit…….ya’ll know whites are totally acceptable after Labor Day nowadays and I’m totally a sucker for white and blush……and of course anything ripped!  My blush pink sweater is from Target this year but I also got it in Mint last year.  The pumps are old ….like 5 years old and I want to say they are from Payless but I can’t remember so I linked several similar pairs! 
Let’s make 2017 an amazing blog year and here’s to hitting goals and blowing last year out of the water!
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